gif love forever


    Melt into my gorgeous toned petite body, suck on my perfect D cup breasts, feel the warmth of my smooth honey color skin and drown in my big brown eyes before letting your tongue explore my hairy underarms and getting lost in my full 70s bush…
    I am highly educated, well travelled and free-spirited… a sparkling yet tranquil presence.

    A stimulating, empathetic conversation companion with interests in fine art, experimental and molecular gastronomy, jazz, neo-noir, minimal ambient techno and house, poetry and alternative health (I practice yoga and meditation, and consume a ridiculous number of superfoods daily).
    As a minimalist, authenticity and integrity are two of my mantras, and you will see why when you meet me…

    I believe the beauty of the raw human form, body, soul and mind, can be much better savored leading to greater heights of ease and pleasure for all parties when we forgo the trappings of societal expectations and putting on airs…
    Angelina, tasteful like chardonnay on a chilly autumn afternoon. Lustrous, polished; radiant. These are the qualities that Angelina exhibits. A worldly, adventurous soul embodied within her warm, tender-soft figure. In a Life full of stresses, both at home and work, you are left feeling like something is missing. That hole, by which you have tried to fill with everything, everything but Angelina.
    Of course, mutual respect is to be maintained, however, it is my honor and desire for us to share a naked connection, tabula rasa.